From today until the day of the solstice, seventeen days all told, the sun will be present less and less as the days grow shorter. The event of the solstice is universally understood as a time of new beginnings, whether secular or spiritual. But what of this time, now, before the solstice? What could be found to be useful in my search during this gathering darkness.

What might be useful is to see that this time could become a time of prenatal preparation. A time before the solstice for me to come more deeply inward. Could it be possible to make this time one of husbanding impressions of presence, in order to prepare the way for new beginnings? It is easy to think of the solstice as a time of spiritual birth. What might be a practice to prepare for this birth would be to now turn more and more inward. Then this new birth of spiritual understanding would not be stillborn because of a lack of nourishment for the embryo during this time of quickening. And, perhaps, my work towards this goal could deepen a little bit each day, thus corresponding to the small daily diminishment of the sun’s light.

I wonder how I might approach this task of going more deeply inward during these next three weeks of increasing darkness, in order to prepare that within me which wishes and needs to emerge. Perhaps a personal and private effort might be undertaken for the nourishment of my unborn nature, a special sacrifice or penance that could be taken on, one not shared with anyone else.

In this way the solstice might take on a meaning more akin to what it could have meant so many centuries before, when the increase of the darkness was finally brought to an end, and the sun again began to come forth.

What are your own thoughts, friends?

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  1. In this time that compels us to be busy it is worth considering this other option. I love this time of year for this very thing: the urge to go inward.

  2. Thank you, Chris. It seems that one needs to find the counter current and swim with that, as otherwise the surge of Doing completely overcomes any flow towards Being this time of year. Agree very much.

  3. It has been a year of change. Seems only appropriate to take this time to spiritually realign and then reemerge.

  4. Thank you very much Nancy,
    If only we were better at the realignment part. My reemergence would then be much more likely.