Up early, the sun not yet risen. But soon.
When it is a cloudy day and the sun shines through between the clouds, my mood shifts. I am gladdened. It is a small thing, normally not something I notice. But it is always the case. It is as though there is a part of me that welcomes the sun. 
If I do not use an alarm clock I naturally begin to awaken sometime just before or just after the first rising of the sun. The time may change, based on my physical and mental state, but the synchronicity is almost always there. For some, it might be an hour or two before or afterwards, but the relationship still holds. We are asleep, and it seems that we are awakened by the return of the sun. It is as though the sun calls us to awaken. 
Without the heat of the sun, the earth would be at a temperature of outer space, impossibly cold, impossibly inhospitable. The radiation of the sun provides not only the beneficent life-giving heat, but causes the movement of currents of air and water, creating the weather that surrounds us. I see that the sun is not only the center of the solar system, but the center of my life. Of all life on earth. Without the sun, no life. 
It is a rainy day with the light of the sun filtered by the clouds and the mist. Yet there is enough light so I do not need to turn on an electric light. It is better that way. For a long time I think of the attributes of divinity. Surely, if the sun were alive we would recognize it as Divine. The thought contains an implied question, unanswered.