I am so grateful for the help and guidance given me by Jean-Claude Lubtchansky over the years. While my time with him was much less than I would have liked due to geography and chronology, his unerring responses to my questions and confusions again and again set me back on the right path. In one sentence, he came to the heart of the matter with greater exactitude than most anyone else could in an entire essay. Great thanks.

Without a group, nothing is possible. The small group of sincere seekers that I am blessed to be part of here in Sandpoint has nourished my search and been a joy to my heart. May we all discover who it is that we need to become. Many thanks, fellow travelers.

A writer without an editor is very likely a loose cannon. Since the inception of A Deepening Sensation I have been accompanied on this journey by my editor, Cassie Faggion, who again and again has made suggestions that have made this blog immeasurably better. Perhaps one day with her help I will even remember that sometime in the last fifty years it was decided that only one space follows the period after a sentence, not two. Who knew?

And, finally, to my dear wife, Karen, I say to you that it is because of all of your support that I am able to write at all. Again and again you have given me the encouragement that I needed, and your understanding of what I am really trying to say has helped me so very much. Along with my thanks for all, I express my love. May we have many more moments together.