When I am in connection with an energy that appears from above all of the parts of myself obey.

The thoughts of the mind are stilled. I do not try to quiet them, they quiet on their own. My mind recognizes the fact of a different degree of consciousness which is now present. This consciousness is seen as a wordless lucidity, whose presence causes my mind to quiet. My regular mind is silent in the face of a greater silence; a greater silence permeated by an intelligence that knows. My mind recognizes the superiority of this intelligence and obeys.

My feelings, ruled by like and dislike, always judging, reacting, critiquing the entire world, operate on a very low level. Slave to their passing fancies, I am swept away, first by one, then another. When I am in connection with an energy that appears from above another feeling is manifest, a feeling derived from this higher energy. It is akin to a shaft of sunlight descending into a dark place.  It is effortless strength, power unmanifest, seen as a sense that everything is exactly right, exactly as it should be. And the small emotions disappear, like mist evaporating in the sunlight.

The sensations of my body come to the surface when they register as pleasant or unpleasant. This food tastes good, and I am aware of that. This room is too warm, and I am aware of my discomfort. Otherwise I am oblivious to the world of sensation that is the reality of my body. When I am in connection with an energy that appears from above a new kind of sensation appears. It is the sensation of the cells of the body being vivified by this connection. The cells are nourished by this energy, and the sensation resulting from this connection creates an entirely different kind of satisfaction. The vibration created by this contact within the body remains as a resonance. The resonance remains after the connection ceases, a result of this vivification.

This energy is the Master. When the Master comes, the parts of myself bow. There is no question of obedience. I obey. It is not the same in life. In life, obedience is all too frequently contaminated by demand, expectation, subservience, hierarchy. The inner life brings a connection with another level. A level that is in every respect higher than mine. It is higher in consciousness, in will, in conscience. I recognize the truth of this, and in doing so, I take my rightful place with joy. Obedience becomes a means to fulfill the role for which I was created. So, finally, obedience does not lead to my diminishment. Rather it leads to arriving at my original home.

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  1. Good beginning.

  2. I enjoy your description of this deep connection and the ways in which you experience it. The Presence, once felt, changes everything and nothing. Thank you so much for writing and sharing. It helps me be braver about sharing my own process in a place in which there’s little support for doing so.

  3. Best wishes.

  4. I just find peace when that connection is made and a sense of inspiration

  5. First thought. Second thought. We do not have control of our first thought. We do have control of our second thought. Does the second thought help lead us home?

    I think so.

  6. Powerful theme here Dennis! I haven’t had such conversations since I had discussions with an old high school friend who meditated daily, even if he had to leave a hot poker game. It’s refreshing!

  7. Thank you, Dennis! I appreciate your work to describe these fine impressions.

  8. “The factors for the being-impulse conscience arise in the presences of the three-brained beings from the localization of the particles of the “emanations-of-the-sorrow” of our Omni-loving and long-suffering-Endless-Creator; that is why the source of the manifestation of genuine conscience in three-centered beings is sometimes called the representative of the Creator.”

  9. To quote a dear friend, “It’s all good.”

    Thank you, dear friend!”

  10. Yes!
    I recall the Zen Axiom:
    Begin. Continue.

  11. Thank you everyone. All of your comments are greatly appreciated.