It is late. I sit in front of the fire and recollect the day.

I remembered to be polite to the checkout clerk.
I gave no thought to the fact that I was able to walk into the store by my own power.

I thanked my son for remembering to pick up something I wanted from the hardware store.
I gave no thought that the earth provided me the air I needed to breathe and the voice to speak.

I smiled when I saw a little girl running in the park.
I gave no thought to the fact that I have been given my own body for these 68 years.

I came home and asked my wife how her day was.
I gave no thought to the fact that I was able to be conscious of her, and of who she is in my life.

What I receive each moment is nothing short of everything. 
What I sometimes acknowledge with some small degree of gratitude is a pittance. 

The only fitting response to what I see while sitting quietly tonight is simply to silently say, “praise, praise, praise.”

The only right goal for me is to begin tomorrow by turning my attention to those words upon awakening and to keep them in mind throughout the day.

Allow me to be present tomorrow, that I may sing a heart song of praise all the day, and, in my certain failure to remember to do so, to accept that my debt will surely increase once again.

All Praise

Forward to a Friend 


  1. In my cycle of remembering and forgetting
    there is also the gift of gratitude – that beautiful
    unexpected moment when I am gifted a smile, a touch, a
    connection that reminds me I am not alone,
    Praise, praise, praise
    Thank you.

  2. Gratitude – unexpected, not asked for, not in mind, and yes, you are right, the sense of connection for which I am so grateful. Thank you, Karen