My companion first appeared when I was only a year old and in the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia. He lingered there by my side for two or three days, then departed. At the time, being barely more than an infant, I did not recognize him. For many years he was absent, likely away on other duties. Much later, when I had just arrived in London, I began to step off of a curb onto the street, and forgetting the traffic flow in England, looked only to my left, not my right, narrowly avoiding an oncoming bus. Again my companion returned, appearing in a fraction of a moment, then departed as quickly as he had arrived. By then I had of course heard about him, as he was quite famous, world renowned, even. He came closest to me some fourteen years ago, as I was being helicoptered to a hospital to have a stent implanted in an artery. From the moment I had awakened that morning, feeling something very amiss, he was by my side for many hours, practically touching me, or so it seemed.
Now, as I am older I have begun to notice that my companion no longer appears on special occasions, but is with me every day, not too closely, but still in the area nearby. Each morning he seems to inquire as to my health, and appears very interested, even solicitous. I have begun to see that he takes a great interest in all of my doings, not interfering, but so very observant. I am not nearly so dedicated to him as he is towards me, for almost all of the time I forget that he is near, and completely ignore him. But, unlike most companions, he seems not in the least offended by my disregard, instead expressing not the slightest emotion whether I am aware of him or not.
Because of his dedication he knows me well. I, on the other hand, have very little to go by in order to understand from where he came, and what it is he wishes. I do know that, should I come to a place where I finally know him, it will then be to the exclusion of all the other companions I hold dear. Because of this, I am in no rush to know him better. But my companion is patient, and waits for the time when he will introduce himself properly. I do think it is time to acknowledge him each day, though. I suppose one could say that his interest in me has shown that he must value something about me very much, or he would not devote so much time to my case. Perhaps, before I come to know him, I might come to know what it is within me that is so valuable. To know that would be very much worth the effort in the time I have left. It might even be the most important thing remaining for me to do.
Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back.
—Marcus Aurelius

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  1. He is the mirror.
    Spirit sometimes comes to using this palpable way; it can be so reassuring to have a messenger that’s visible to you. It’s hard to argue with an actual appearance isn’t it? Especially a recurring one. You know each other well.

    But your notion of “I do know that, should I come to a place where I finally know him, it will then be to the exclusion of all the other companions I hold dear. Because of this, I am in no rush to know him better,” is a bit limited in scope, for indeed, you’ll not be excluded from all other companions, but you will find a luminous merging with them, finally knowing the true nature of all.
    It sounds to me like you feel your passage is close, getting closer, and this piece is beautiful in the encounter. Here we are.

    Your writing is like your companion; appearing unexpectedly and with deep connection to the eternal, the mirror needed by all right now. The messenger. Who will heed, who will pay attention to the really important messages? Only those who can meet between worlds. Most are preoccupied with the daily ordinary stuff and they miss the deeper well. Not you, my friend.

  2. And Crow is medicine to carry from the spirit world….this from a woman named “Mc RAVIN” LOL

  3. As always, birds of a feather we are. Thank you, Patti.

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