We are not an accident. We were meant for this time, and the place where we find ourselves is exactly where we need to be, filling the role that is ours alone to fill. It was not some association of random currents that caused our arrival here. The decisions made by us and decisions made on our behalf by others in order to arrive at this place were all pregnant with meaning and laden with purpose. The forces propelling our life are too large to see clearly but can only be intuited by a quality of inner intelligence which we cannot explain, but we nevertheless most certainly have in our possession, though rarely accessible.
Our creation was due in part to the meeting of two people, each with their own hopes and desires, some overlapping, some not. And this combination of hopes and desires developed a momentum of its own, leading to our conception. We were not only a result of that union of those two people, but also, just as necessarily, a result of some movement of energy which participated in our creation in a way that we cannot pretend to describe, but we might nevertheless perceive by means of that inner intelligence latent within us. We find our life’s purpose in bringing the other parts of ourselves into contact with this special intelligence, so that we might discern the cause and meaning of our life, and, from that, the lives of all.
There is this idea in Hindu mythology of a descending octave of creation, ending in a last age, called the Kali Yuga. It is said to be a time of diminishment, with humanity becoming less and less aware of the truths underlying existence. Lacking firm guidance, all truth becomes relative, and every point of view has equal validity. Different groups of people, different in their national, political, racial, and generational backgrounds no longer share a common frame of reference, and lacking that, no longer have a shared sense of the facts of the world they inhabit. Objective facts are deemed false and the discoveries of the past are discarded as being irrelevant.
One can see that this current time in which we find ourselves is a kind of contemporary Kali Yuga on a smaller scale. Be what it may, this time truly needs us, and our work of understanding who we are, and, from that knowledge, living our lives accordingly, is the most important contribution we can make to this time, a time perhaps less than we might have wished for. Yet perhaps this time itself might have wished for more, as well. Wished and needed.
All you have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given you.
     — Gandalf




  1. This came to me at just the right moment. Thank you, Dennis. I feel the connection and the pulse of energy.

  2. I am glad, Deb. Much happiness to you tonight. Dennis

  3. A very special kind of sharing! I felt moved and happy and sad at the same time! I felt called to be alive now with no
    excuses, only gratitude! Thank you For sending this to me! A Very timely piece!

  4. I am but a traveler here on this wondrous plane. Each day I create new dreams and carve out a unique life of my own. Though as I mature, I see the traits of my parents more within myself. And this gladdens me. For their desires have manifested a spark of purpose embedded deep within my genes. I believe the soul shares in this warmth, using part of it as a guiding light.

    I hope you see a bit of yourself when you look at me, for I am proud to be your son.

  5. Yes, Jean, I think I understand what you mean about feeling happy and sad at the same time. I think it is a little abut seeing your place in it all, very small but nevertheless imbued with meaning. Thanks for the response, Dennis

  6. We are voyagers at sail, each on our own voyage, but gladdened and reassured by the sight of the other at sea, heading in the same direction. I am proud to be your father, and wish you great happiness on your journey. Dad

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