There are my everyday emotions. They take up most of the space that is contained within my heart.  The full gamut. Happiness, sadness, anger, irritation, excitement, boredom. Like and dislike of every kind. These are the emotions of all of us. It is only when these emotions, whether positive or negative, begin to become less dominant is another quality of feeling possible. Another movement of the heart. This movement comes from a place of deep quiet. From a place of luminous darkness, a place filled with a light that cannot be seen by my eyes. Perhaps another organ of perception is involved. An interior organ, one that is latent, not developed. How might I come to know this?

Some traditions speak of the necessity of cleansing or purifying the emotional part of oneself. But is there something else that I need to understand, unrelated to any “cleansing”? Could it be that almost all of my emotional life is simply an expression of the energy of the heart, manifesting in a way that is neither good nor bad, but usually just wasteful. I have only so much capacity to feel. Is there then any capacity left over to feel something more profound if I simply spew forth like and dislike all my waking hours?  

Just as my mind needs to become quiet, so does my heart. Then, when a call is felt, the heart can respond. Otherwise, Grace may appear but I am not present to It. And the opportunity is wasted. I have sold my precious inheritance for a few moments of like and dislike.

Instead, could I allow today to be a day of less reaction to all that I encounter? Then, perhaps…  



  1. “Luminous darkness” — that is an experience of quiet that is tangible.

  2. Yes, it is so. Perhaps the luminosity within the darkness and the lucidity within the silence are at some level manifestations of the same thing. Thank you, Fredrica.