Everything is there, waiting. Of course we’re usually oblivious, doing what humans do so well, creating layer after layer of thought that occludes the real and ever present world right in front of us. But sometimes you come to your senses and then, just like that, you are gobsmacked by the incredible beauty that is right there. It is almost as though you are present at the creation, with the dew on the leaves glistening in the autumn light. 

We cherish such moments and grieve that they are so infrequent. What is it about these impressions that are so indelible? Pretending to know, we speak about presence. But layering on knowledge causes the experience to change; no longer alive, it devolves into a memory, though only a moment has passed. Or even a split second of inattention will cause the impression to change and disappear. The fragility of our attention ensures that these moments of transcendence are fleeting. 

When an electron loses energy it descends to a lower electron shell. It happens instantly, there is no journey taking place, simply the electron was in one place, with a certain amount of energy, then it disappears and reappears at that same instant in another place, with a lesser amount of energy. These moments of experience are like that. 

There is something else. There is the person looking and there are the leaves. But there is also the space in which they exist. Sometimes the space between the watcher and the watched is also seen to participate, it is a third player. The space between oneself and the leaves is not empty. It is luminous. Even, could it be, lucid? Just as the leaves are not inert objects, the space where the transmission takes place is not just inert space. It also is participating. 

 Seer, seen, and interval between, all containing the same mind stuff, awareness without thought, the very ground of being. It is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity manifest. No doctrine or dogma is needed, no belief or teaching, only to witness. Everything is there waiting for you.

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