It is all very straightforward. For a long time, over the course of many years, to simply bring oneself to the present, seeing oneself as one is; working with a relaxed body, a quiet mind and a willing heart. Ever so slowly, that which is inside, hidden and hitherto uncared for, begins to emerge. There are obstacles, not the least of which is the expectation of a result. But with diligence and an acceptance of the process, something slowly begins to change. How, you might ask? One doesn’t actually do anything, it is a contradiction, for it is not simply passivity either. What is needed is an active attention within, stable and uncompromising. At the same time there must be a continual renunciation of the impulse to try anything at all. It is the development of a state of watchful waiting.  Waiting without desire for an outcome. Finally, after all the tricks of the ego have been exhausted, it is waiting without hope. But neither does hopelessness arise. How strange. 

And then, not all at once, but gradually over time, the body has become more permeable. It is as though a temple which had been boarded up was unlocked, the doors opened.  And then a kind of energy can appear. The energy was always there, always available, but we were not available. It is an energy that is different from anything we’ve known before. It is a vibration, like other energies, but it also is awareness; there is a consciousness without thought. The body is fed by this energy and there then arises an aliveness into all of the cells of the body. No longer inert flesh, the body participates and, in its own way reciprocates, like a plant turning towards the sunlight. The mind is stilled, in the presence of an unimaginably greater consciousness the mind is finally quiet, recognizing the royalty of this greater mind.

One cannot stay. There is work to be done, a life to be lived. One must get up, go out the door and into the world. It is time to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. But everything has changed. 

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