The wise ones, the sages and savants, have held forth over many centuries, arguing the question, is it through immanence or through transcendence that the divine is present? Mostly, their arguments are pretty much over my head. That said, in reading their words, I have a small suspicion that some of them are telling us that water tastes just so, but they themselves have never taken a deep drink from the well that holds the water.
I do know, and I know for sure, that this morning, after three days of rain and snow, the sun broke through early on and a shaft of sunlight fell upon the pine tree across the yard. And it illuminated the entire tree and the needles of the tree, still wet from the night’s rain, glistened and shone and, amazingly, waded right into the argument. The tree spoke clearly enough, and, for me then, the matter was decided. I stand with the trees on this subject, and will continue to do so for as long as I shall live.
“To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion. Myriad things coming forth and experiencing themselves is enlightenment.”
     — Dogen


  1. Brilliant…I think you’ve gotten a direct communication from the Divine. Well done, fellow seeker. May the deep peace hold you and your beloveds this Christmas.

  2. The warmth of your heart is so great that I don’t need a fire in my fireplace, even on this chilly day in December. Merry Christmas, Patti!

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful photo. Thank you, Dennis. Always a joy to read.

  4. Thanks so much, Susan, Merry Christmas!

  5. Beautiful imagery & thoughts!
    Be blessed this Zchristmas & all days!

  6. Thank you, Mitzi. May your Christmas be filled with joy and wonder!

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