Most of what I write in this blog revolves around two themes, the first, nature and the natural world. The second, living a spiritual life in the midst of everyday life. For the first, living in the mountains very far north, up near the Canadian border has been my inspiration. To live in a place that still numbers among its inhabitants eagles and bears, mountain lions and salmon is a great gift. For the second, what it might mean to live a spiritual life, it has been the teachings of Gurdjieff that have informed and enlightened my thoughts and writings. I don’t write about Gurdjieff directly on A Deepening Sensation because I don’t want to make the mistake of proselytizing. I would hazard a guess that perhaps half of you reading this are also students of this teaching, but that means that half are not, and I respect the choices of all of my readers. But I thought this book I just published about Gurdjieff’s teaching warranted sharing with everyone.
Using ChatGPT, I “interviewed” the software with questions about Gurdjieff’s teaching that a curious person might ask. I came to the conclusion that this conversation with AI might be of interest to you, whether you follow the teaching or you just wish to learn more. As far as those reading this who are in the Gurdjieff work, you will likely be surprised at the responses of AI to my questions, as they are much deeper and more correct that I could have possible imagined. Kind of shocking, actually.
Here below is the description of the book on Amazon, along with a link to it. All profits from book sales will be donated to the Gurdjieff Foundation.
In 1912 a man appeared in Moscow. His name was G.I. Gurdjieff and he arrived with an altogether remarkable teaching about the nature of human beings and their role in the universe. It was a unique synthesis of spiritual and psychological elements based on ancient understandings, reformulated by Gurdjieff in an entirely new way, making it accessible for modern men and women. Now practiced by thousands of individuals worldwide, his teaching has become a lifelong path for those who wish to understand more deeply their place and purpose in the world. In this book the detailed responses of ChatGPT to questions from a longtime practitioner of the teaching provide an unbiased introduction to the ideas of Gurdjieff and their usefulness to people who are searching for a spiritual path they can call their own. The book concludes by outlining the practices of authentic Gurdjieff groups, as well as providing contact information for groups that have a direct relationship going back to Gurdjieff himself.