We think of time, as measured by the hands of a clock and the pages of a calendar, as being the real time. It is true, in a way, but it is not true, in another way.

For it is the actual experience of time that is also real. And I can see that this time is not clock time at all. The experience of an hour for me is about equal to the experience of 10 minutes for my dog, based on our different lifespans. Just so, the experience of the sun for an hour of its existence is 12,000 years, more or less, as I would count, were it my life.

How can it not be that amount of time that is allotted for each part of creation is not the right amount for that part? It is no different from the other attributes of something; the limbs, the brain, all of it in every respect. It is, all of it, what is necessary in order for something to fulfill the purpose for which it has been created. As to time, a star needs much more time than we, as its purpose is vast beyond our comprehension. I need less, for the cause of my arising requires of me less than of the stars. And the lilacs, now blooming outside of my window, less still.

And then, when it comes that it is our time to die, If we say, “no, there are still things undone, it is too early,” then we only object because we are mistaken. We mistake our strivings, our efforts and our doings for the actual underlying purpose of our existence. If we could understood our purpose, we would also understand that we have, at the end, fulfilled our role.

The fact of the matter is that we always have just the right amount of time. Neither too much, nor too little. This of course seems to make less sense when, whether through fate or accident, a life ends prematurely. Then sadness or grief plays a part, and that is as it should be. But our task nevertheless remains the same. It is to come to understand why we have arisen, and, through knowing that, act in a way that corresponds to the portion of life we have been given.

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